Building confidence in maths through fun and affordable one-to-one learning programmes

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What we do

Supporting children

Our weekly one-to-one online lessons are a fun, confidence-building experience for your child and are aligned to the national curriculum.

And parents

We offer flexibility and great value to fit with your busy life and the assurance of world-class teachers in a safe environment.

In schools and homes across the country

Every week we provide specialist one-to-one teaching to thousands of children aged 7 to 11.


How we do it

Understanding your child

We assess your child’s needs to personalise content that is aligned with the national curriculum

Building confidence in maths with one-to-one support

Our specialist maths teachers provide weekly, online, one-to-one tuition to your child

Practise and celebrate

We offer practice time and progress reports to help you, and your child, celebrate success


What others say

Loved by children, recommended by teachers and parents

  • Loved by 1300+ schools
  • Loved by nearly 40,000 students

Great value



Free maths resources and tips to help you support your child.

  • Free resources


minutes each week

Weekly one-to-one online KS2 lessons with a maths specialist.

  • Premium resources
  • Online assessment
  • Weekly one-to-one lessons
  • Progress reports

per month


minutes each week

Weekly one-to-one online KS2 lessons with a maths specialist.

  • Premium resources
  • Online assessment
  • Weekly one-to-one lessons
  • Progress reports

per month


Who we are

Our mission

We are a team of teachers, technologists and entrepreneurs who care deeply about the role of education to inspire and drive social change.

One-to-one teaching is respected as the most valuable means of supporting a child’s learning. Yet, too often, this remains the privilege of a minority of students. We want to help change this.

We recruit the best talent from around the world, building a global community of online teachers to make effective one-to-one learning accessible and affordable to everyone.


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