Achieving confidence and success in maths

Online one-to-one maths tutoring from only £9.99 per week

Achieving confidence and success in maths

Online one-to-one maths tutoring from only £9.99 per week

Our National Curriculum based maths programmes will ensure your child succeeds

Trusted by Teachers

It is an incredible resource which has a very positive impact on the confidence, progress and attainment of our children

Lisa - Teacher
Queen Mary Primary School

Loved by Parents

My daughters love Matr. Just having someone talking to them and helping them virtually makes a big difference. The Matr staff are also fantastic. They are always there to help if there are any issues.

Julia - Parent

Enjoyed by Kids

I really enjoyed the lesson and am very happy that my tutor helps me and talks to me with a positive attitude!

Amelie - Year 6 Student

Used in over 2000 schools across the UK

Used in over 2000 schools across the UK

How to kickstart your Matr maths journey

1. Explore our maths programmes

1. Explore our maths programmes

We have helped tens of thousands of children succeed in Maths. Our programmes provide the benefit of one-to-one tuition, plus all the relevant and up-to date Curriculum resources for your child's age group, helping to deliver great results in school.

Explore our maths programmes

2. Sign up for online lessons

2. Sign up for online lessons

We want to make it really easy for you to experience Matr. Create a free account so you can book a one-to-one taster session with one of our Maths tutors and access a selection of our wonderful maths resources.

Sign up for online lessons

3. Choose the plan that suits your child

3. Choose the plan that suits your child

Our plans include weekly one-to-one tuition with a specialist maths tutor, plus unlimited access to all the maths resources you need to help your child succeed in class.

All from only £9.99 per week, a fraction of the cost of traditional tuition, with all the extra benefits of great content, assessment and reporting!

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Value for money

We provide weekly one-to-one tuition from only £9.99. We know it is not cheap to raise a family. Our goal is to make one-to-one tuition far more affordable such that this wonderful form of learning can sit within family budgets.

Worth Every Penny!

My daughter struggles with maths and I have tried (unsuccessfully) many different ways to try to encourage her. However tutoring with Matr has been a great success. She learns new things every session and even more remarkable is that she never complains about having to sit online for an hour with her tutor.

Francesca Joy - Parent


We are proven to deliver 7 months maths progress in only 14 weeks. As the largest maths tutoring company in the country, we are used in thousands of schools and homes across the UK, and are proven to deliver success in Maths.

From bottom to top of
class in 2 months!

Matr helped my Year 2 boy go from the bottom of the class to the top in two months. The lessons were well-planned and the teaching was effective. The platform was easy to use and reliable and the support team were excellent.

Julia Silver - Parent


Choose any day or time to suit your family's busy timetable. Being online, our tuition is entirely flexible. You can re-book easily, and access your tutor and supporting resources from anywhere, at any time you need.

Really flexible when life
gets in the way

We are 6 lessons in, my son is really enjoying the one to one faceless aspect of the tuition. He is becoming more confident in explaining his understanding. MATR is really flexible about changing times of sessions. We are very happy with the whole experience.

Mary - Parent