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Join our Affiliate Programme

We’re looking for partners to help us drive leads.
Our goal: Get parents with children aged 7-11 (KS2)  to pre-register for our online maths tuition programmes (weekly 25 min or weekly 50 min sessions)
What you get: We pay £30 per lead
Validation criteria:
  • Lead: Someone who has pre-registered for one of our maths tuition programmes. Pre-registration is confirmed once a form is filled out and someone visits a thank-you / confirmation page
  • Valid Lead: Must have a valid email address
Declined commissions:
Commissions may be declined due to a sale been attributed to a different marketing channel or same order being recorded twice. This will be flagged in the decline reason.
Restricted websites that are not allowed to be part of our affiliate programme:
Adult sites, gambling sites, sites which promote violence or unseemly behaviour.  Any sites not appropriate to our brand.
Affiliate Removals
Awin will review all affiliates on a monthly basis who have been inactive for the past three months. Inactive is defined in this instance as any affiliate who has not driven a sale within that time period. This may result in removal from the programme. Those affiliates who have been removed through inactivity are welcome to re-apply to the programme, but must go through the approval process once again.
About Matr
We believe that confidence is key to academic and future success, and by having the opportunity to ask questions, gain feedback, and discuss and explore ideas with experts in a one-to-one setting, students’ confidence can grow alongside their curiosity. Yet one-to-one learning often remains the privilege of the lucky few. We want to help change this.
We help build confidence in maths through fun and affordable one-to-one learning programmes. Our online maths tuition is aimed at KS2 / Primary School children aged 7-11.
About our Programmes
Our weekly one-to-one online lessons are a fun, confidence-building experience for children and are aligned to the national curriculum.
We offer flexibility and great value to fit with parents’ busy life and the assurance of world-class teachers in a safe environment.
Monthly subscription
  • Weekly 25 min sessions for £49 per month
  • Weekly 50 min sessions for £79 per month