Levelling The Playing Field Within The “ultra-competitive world of private tutoring”: Matr’s Fun & Affordable 1-to-1 Tuition Solution

Private tutoring is nothing short of a booming industry. Now estimated to be worth up to 2 billion pounds in the UK, it’s become a huge business over the past few years. We’ve seen some tutors earning up [...]

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How To Find A Primary Maths Tutor – Everything You Need To Know To Find The Right Tutor For Your Child

Finding a primary maths tutor: do your research into the background of the company they work for Don’t be scared to consider online tutoring as an option if you are a busy parent Watch out for hidden costs [...]

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How To Help With Maths For 11-Year-Olds – How To Prepare for SATs and Secondary School

Maths for 11-year-olds can be quite a mountain to climb. At age eleven, children have got two major challenges to tackle. With the SATs or 11+ exams in May and secondary school just around the corner, Year 6 [...]

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How To Help With Maths For 10-Year-Olds – Everything You Need To Know To Set Them Up For SATs & Beyond

Maths for 10-year-olds is harder than you may think. With exams looming and pressure mounting, this period can often feel overwhelming to young minds. Combine this with worries over what the fast-approaching move to secondary school will bring [...]

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A Parent’s Guide To The Year 4 Times Tables Test – The Government Announcement Explained

“What is the Year 4 times tables check?” is a question many parents have been asking of late. First announced by the Department for Education (DfE) in September 2017, the details of how the times tables test will [...]

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How To Help With Maths For 9-Year-Olds – The Things You Need To Know To Help Your Child Succeed In Maths

Maths for 9-year-olds can be difficult. It is a time in a child’s life when a large number of new and increasingly difficult concepts and topics are being introduced, and when combine with the other subjects they have [...]

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The Top 10 Free Maths Homework Help Sites and Apps For Primary School Children And Their Parents! (UK)

Finding the best free maths homework help sites online for your child can be tricky as a parent. Here we review the 10 top UK maths homework websites and apps that are free, packed full of homework help [...]

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How To Help With Maths For 8-Year-Olds – Expert Advice To Help Your Child Through This Tricky Time!

Maths for 8-year-olds brings with it a host of new topics that can be confusing for young minds. After being introduced to what primary school maths entails last year, your child will now be faced with new problems [...]

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Teaching Kids About Money: 11 Nifty Tips For Unearthing Your Child’s Inner Billionaire

Teaching kids about money can feel like an overwhelming task, but it is one that is crucial to ensure that your child knows how to manage their money well later in life. That's why we've used the experience of [...]

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