Online Tutoring Vs In-Person Tutoring: 10 Reasons Why Online Tutoring Is Better For Your Child (And You)!


The benefits of online tutoring vs in-person tutoring are something that many parents must consider when searching for additional help for their child. With the number of students receiving private tutoring increasing by over 30% between 2005 and 2015, it is clear that more and more parents are looking to boost their child’s education outside of the classroom. That is why we asked Kate, a mum from London, to take a look at the benefits of online tuition compared to the more traditional in-person method.

The moment you realise that your child needs some extra support in maths or another topic can be a daunting experience.You know that whilst your child’s school is doing all they can, sometimes an extra boost is needed.

Whether this is down to large classroom size, meaning that your child isn’t getting the attention they need, or simply feeling that a different approach to learning may be all that is holding your child back, getting a private tutor to step in can be the answer. However, this presents a problem in itself…

There are so many choices out there.

If you decide to use an in-person tutor, should you go for a student who might be bright, but isn’t a qualified teacher, or a retired teacher who’s great with kids, but isn’t so hot on the recent changes to the National Curriculum? Or do you work with your kid’s love of tech and research a personal tutor online?

The options can be a little overwhelming if you are just beginning your search, and whilst there are many benefits to the traditional in-person tutoring route, modern technological developments and the bountiful array of benefits that come alongside it have meant that online tutoring has seen a huge uptake amongst parents looking to help grow their child’s confidence in varying school subjects.

Matr’s online maths tuition explained

Back in 2013, we began working with UK primary schools to support teachers with online, one-to-one maths tuition. Since then, we have worked with thousands of teachers and tens of thousands of students, helping them to build their confidence in maths with each and every session.

Fast forward to today, and we have now taught over 520,000 lessons to 45,000+ students, and we knew it was time to bring our proven online tuition into homes across the UK. We are of the firm belief that tuition should be for the many, not just the privileged few, and that is why we want to bring world-class, engaging and affordable maths tuition right into your living room!

To find out more about how Matr’s one-to-one online maths tuition can help your child, take a look here.

10 reasons why online tutoring is better than in-person tutoring

Online tuition may not have crossed your mind when searching for a tutor for your child, but it has a lot of merits and reasons why it has proven to be the right choice for so many parents.

1. Online tuition is safe and secure

One of the most important things for many parents when weighing up tuition is the safety aspect.

Will my child be safe with a tutor?

Do I have to leave my child in a stranger’s home?

How will I know what goes on in the tuition sessions?

All of the above are worries that may cross a parent’s mind when they are researching a tutor, but online tutoring addresses each and every one of them.

Thanks to the marvels of modern technology, each session will take place in the comfort of your own home, which means that not only will your child feel safe in a familiar environment, but you will also be able to keep an eye on what is going on.

Online tuition also gives companies such as Matr the chance to firmly vet tutors to ensure that each and every one of them meets the high safety standards that are in place, and monitor and record lessons. This enables them to track every lesson in great detail to ensure that safeguarding procedures are followed, meaning you can rest easy when searching for a personal tutor online.

How Matr ensures your child is safe during their session

The care of your child is top of the priority list here at Matr, and we go to great efforts to ensure that they are safe during their maths lessons. All of our tutors go through thorough police background checks before they begin teaching, and we monitor and record every lesson to make sure that your child, along with the hundreds of other children that are using our platform, is safe.

Our platform is based around audio, so whilst your child will be able to hear and converse with their tutor throughout, they will never be able to see them.This is not only a safety feature that many parents prefer, but also a way to keep engagement levels high and distractions low.

2. You’ll be able to develop a relationship with the tutor

For many parents, one of the most important considerations when choosing a tutor is the sort of bond the tutor will be able to form with their child.

Will the tutor be able to understand them, get along with them and diagnose quickly where the child needs the most support?

You might think there would be a more immediate and obvious connection when the tutor is actually sitting in a room with the child and can engage with them face-to-face. But this isn’t always the case.

When a child has an online tutor, that tutor will be very aware of how the child responds to different things. They can immediately spot what motivates them, be it animals, trucks or computer games and use this to build up a bond and keep the child engaged thanks to the immediacy of the online world.

Every child is different, and as a result tutors should be able to adapt to help them get the most from each and every lesson. Building up a bond is a crucial part of tutoring with young children, and online tutoring also has the additional benefit of you being able to see the bond between the tutor and your child build week on week.

Online Tutoring Benefits

How Matr makes sure your child bonds with their tutor

A happy child is an engaged child, and that is why all of our tutors here at Matr go through training about the best ways to communicate and engage with primary school children. If your child has a passion for all things Manchester United, then the tutor will bring the star striker into the maths lesson in some way, or if you’ve got a child that is obsessed with dogs the tutor will bring dachshunds and decimals together to start building a relationship with your child.

3. It is cheaper than in-person tutoring

The realisation that your child needs a tutor is often accompanied by a sharp intake of breath when you think ‘how much is it going to cost?!’.

As you will likely already know, face-to-face tutoring can vary hugely in cost depending on where you live, and often ranges from £30 an hour to £80 an hour for a tutor who has a great track record in getting results. Weekly sessions will be needed to keep up the learning momentum and ensure steady progress, and payment is usually taken in advance per half term or term, with all of this adding up to a substantial lump sum in one go.

Of course, no one wants to cut corners when it comes to their child’s education, but with the cost of living increasing it’s important to get great value for money too.

Thanks to the overheads being lower and elements like travel costs being taken out of the equation, online tutoring is competitively priced and can be a great option for parents who want a quality service that won’t break the bank. For example, with Matr, your child can have a 25-minute weekly, one-to-one maths lesson for only £39.99 a month, and a 50-minute weekly session for just £74.99 a month, which can amount to as little as £9.25 a week!

This can easily be the cost of one hours worth of in-person tuition, so the financial benefits of online tutoring are immediately clear!

How Matr helps parents to get the most from their money

Put quite simply, we have kept our costs as low as possible and passed the savings onto you. As mentioned earlier in the post, we want one-to-one tuition to be available for all, not just the privileged few, and to do that we strive to keep our prices as low as we can, whilst still providing you and your child with world-class maths tuition.

4. Online tuition makes things much more convenient for parents!

Talk to any parent about their weekly schedule, and you’ll be impressed by the amount of organisation and logistics that goes into making sure their kids get to the right after school club or activity at the right time. And that’s not even factoring in managing full-time working for many parents.

Adding tutoring into the mix isn’t going to be easy, right?

Most in-person tutors will do their absolute best to fit children in around their other after school commitments. But as well as finding a free slot that you can commit to each week, there’s the question of actually getting to and from your weekly tutoring appointment. Sometimes travelling to and from (or parking at!) your tutor’s house can add an extra hour into an already busy schedule, something which no parent has time for…

In comparison, online tutoring takes place in the family home, meaning there is no travelling, or time making small talk with the tutor. It’s simply focused on the task in hand.

Got half an hour before tea or the start of your child’s favourite TV show? An online tutoring session can fit in just fine.

Online tutoring lesson at home

And, unlike in-person tutoring, online tutoring can be done while your child (or you for that matter) is chilling on the sofa in their pyjamas.

How Matr keeps things convenient for you

We know how busy parents are so our process, right from signing up and picking your child’s time slots through to the maths lessons themselves, is extremely simple and easy to use.

Everything is done online which means that the furthest you’ll have to go is to your laptop to secure a world-class maths tutor for your child. We’ve also got a dedicated customer service team who are ready to help you out should you ever get stuck.

5. Each tutors is carefully selected so the quality remains high

Finding a tutor who really knows their stuff is one of the biggest challenges for many parents. Often the top tutors have been snapped up by other mums a term in advance, and it’s not easy to tell if a tutor that you get on with as a parent will be the right one to take your child’s learning to the next level.

With online tutoring, the hard work is done for you. Regardless of who you choose as your child’s online tutoring provider, you know that the tutor your child will get will be highly qualified. With such a wide pool of professionals to choose from, only the best tend to get through the various selection processes and this means that your child will be getting the best-quality tuition that they possibly can.

How Matr gets the best maths tutors

At Matr, all of our tutors have been carefully selected, screened and had their teaching consistently monitored. Fewer than 1% of all applicants make it through our rigorous process, so you know that the tutor your child will be paired with really is an expert in KS2 maths.

Tutor Training for online tutoring

What’s more, we are working with one of the best universities in the world, University College London, to ensure that all of our tutors are trained to the same consistently high standard.

So you can be confident that when you book one of our tutors, you’ll get a top-quality teacher who will engage and encourage your child to build their confidence and skills in maths.

Free Maths Resource – Maths At Home eBook

Download our guide which can help you kick-start better home learning for your child, packed with top tips for parents and carers to support their children with maths!


6. Algorithms match students with tutors

It can be extremely difficult as a parent to know which tutor is right for your child.

Do you go with the one that you got on with the most?

Do you choose the tutor that your friends recommended?

Or do you pick the tutor with the best CV?

With online tutoring, all of the hassle of picking the right tutor for your child is taken out of the equation. Algorithms make finding the right tutor easy, and by answering a few questions on your child’s likes, dislikes, confidence and other attributes, a computer will be able to perfectly match your child with the right tutor.

This certainly saves the dozens of phone calls and meetings that can come with finding an in-person tutor!

How Matr makes sure your child finds their perfect maths tutor

During the sign-up process at Matr, you will be asked a host of questions about your child to help us pair them with the right tutor. We match children and tutors based on maths level, personality, confidence and dozens of other attributes, which has led to plenty of happy students, parents and teachers!

7. Online learning is fun and engaging for children

Engaging lessons? In maths? Yes, it can be done!

Maths can be a tricky topic for a lot of young minds, so having engaging lessons is crucial to help keep their focus firmly on the maths that is being taught.

As a parent you’ll already know how hard it can be to persuade a child to do their homework, let alone another whole maths lesson after school, but fortunately this is where online learning comes into its own. Thanks to the versatile nature of online classrooms, each and every lesson can be highly personalised to each individual child and the events of the day or week.

There is no need to read from textbooks that were written 10 years ago when learning online, and this responsiveness is something that children love when they are being taught.

How Matr keeps lessons fun and engaging

Our online classroom has been designed to be extremely engaging and easy to use for your child. Our tutors have access to a wide variety of tools that can be used to keep your child engaged with the lesson, from sharing pictures of favourite cakes to illustrate fractions through to the virtual rewards that are presented at the end of every session.

Online tutoring vs in-person tutoring lesson taking place

We’ve found over years of teaching that the high level of engagement that comes from using our interactive classroom is great for encouraging children to verbalise their responses too, and this is crucial for learning!

8. Learning takes place in a comfortable environment for your child

Depending on the age and confidence of your child, introducing them to a stranger can prove to be a very intimidating experience. Face-to-face tutoring can be a scary thought to someone in primary school, but present them with the chance to head over to the house computer to chat with a tutor over a headset, and they will likely be much more receptive.

Online tutoring takes place in your home, and this is something that should not be underestimated when considering the impact tutoring could have on your child. If they are more comfortable in their surroundings, taking part in an activity they probably enjoy (working online), then they will get a lot more from the tutoring sessions.

How Matr keeps things comfortable for your child

As well as requiring your child to go no further than the computer, Matr’s platform is designed to be very welcoming to young students. Our space theme has received rave reviews from many 7 to 11-year-olds – by helping them to ease into the lessons, productivity levels certainly are at an all-time high!

9. It can help to improve technology skills

Our children have grown up in a world filled to the brim with technology, and online tutoring can give them another great place to practise their all-important digital skills.

Whilst children may be firmly focused on the lesson that is taking place, they will also be inadvertently improving the digital skills that will be so useful when they are older and searching for a job.

How Matr helps build digital skills

Our platform gives children the chance to test out their typing, drawing and communication skills online in a safe and secure environment.

Having the opportunity to communicate with someone in another location is something that is commonplace in offices all around the world, and by doing this at a young age during tuition lessons, your child will have no qualms doing it later in life too!

10. Support between sessions is freely available

With online tuition comes the other benefits that the online world can bring, namely a host of free resources and advice.

Your child may come home the day after their tutoring session on fractions with a worksheet all about multiplication which leaves you scratching your head as to how to help.

Well, we’ve got a blog for that.

Maybe you have a child that races through every piece of work you give them?

Good news! There are thousands of free resources available that you can give to your child.

Or do you find yourself searching for ways you can help your child with maths (and other topics) at home between the tuition lessons?

Don’t panic, we’ve got plenty of advice for you on this.

The good thing about online tuition is that when the lesson ends, learning doesn’t have to!

How Matr helps your child to continue learning between lessons

As a team of teachers and education experts, we think that learning should never end. That’s why we’ve created a huge number of blogs and resources for you to read and use with your child once their Matr session has finished. With everything from top tips on how to help your 7-year-old with maths through to a maths activity eBook all about Charlie and the Chocolate factory, we have enough to help you teach your child all day long!

If you have been persuaded by the many benefits in this article to give online tuition a go, take a look at our page on how Matr’s one-to-one, online maths tuition works. Or, if you are confident that online tuition is right for your child secure their spot now and start their online learning journey today.

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