How To Help With Maths For 7-Year-Olds – Top Tips To Turn Your Child Into A Maths Master!

Maths for 7-year-olds can be a complicated topic. More often than not it will be the first time your child is experiencing Key Stage 2 maths, and this can be an overwhelming time for young minds with new [...]

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The Best Homework Hacks: 18 Tips And Tricks To Help Busy Parents Get It Done Faster!

Homework, whether you are a parent or a child, is nobody's favourite thing to do after a long day of school or work, and that’s why we have collected 18 of the best homework hacks out there to [...]

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Wondering “How To Help My Child With Maths At Home?” – Here Is Everything You Need To Know To Support Your Budding Mathematician

How to help my child with maths at home - It is a dilemma that many of us have faced, but we are here to help and in this blog we take a look at some simple ways [...]

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7 Parenting Jobs To Outsource When You’re Short Of Time

With recent figures from the Office for National Statistics showing that more mothers than ever before are working either full or part-time, it’s not surprising that busy families are looking for ways to lighten the load. Outsourcing is [...]

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How To Choose A Maths Tutor In London – One Mum’s Struggle To Find The Perfect Person To Help Her Daughter With Maths

Kate, a mum of two from North London did not know where to begin to find her daughter a maths tutor in London. She had tried everything she could think of to find the right tutor for her [...]

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The Great British Homework Debate 2018 – Is It Necessary At Primary School?

The homework debate is never much out of the news. Should homework be banned? Is homework at primary school a waste of time? Do our children get too much homework? Recently UK-based US comedian Rob Delaney set the world [...]

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