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We’ve already been supporting thousands of schools in the UK since 2013 and we’re now helping families in their homes.

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One of our favourite things is hearing about how much children love learning maths with Matr.

"your the best teacher ever and never leave me pleaseeeeeeeeeeee xxxxxx"
James - Year 5

Mathilda - Year 5


Robbie - Year 6

"im greatful that you are helping me and i thankyou very much"
Ehmet - Year 6
"i learnt what the i was in bidmas so im happy"
Jane - Year 4

Show us how much your children ❤️ MATR, and if we feature them on the website, we’ll give you 1 month free!

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Case studies

"Lisa was looking for a way to help her daughter with maths and plug knowledge gaps that had built up in KS2."
Read Lisa's story with Matr

Gill Robertson

Headteacher, Holland Junior School

Kate Brewin


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Maths Level Test?2019-02-12T15:18:04+00:00

Each child sits an initial maths test which assesses their level, allowing us to understand their learning needs, personalise their tuition and determine the best lessons for them.

Will online teaching work for my children?2019-01-09T17:21:16+00:00

Yes, we have worked with over 44,000 primary school children through our schools business and the average pupil makes double progress. We use lessons designed by primary maths experts to engage children, and our interactive learning environment encourages children to love maths.

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