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Olivia couldn’t have made this much progress without Matr

United Kingdom
Lisa Salters
Matr Stood Out From Other Options

When I looked into it, to be honest, Matr stood out from the others; I liked the way it was one-to-one and that there is a tutor at the other end – not just an online programme. When I realised that Matr does diagnostic assessments, one that would help to find out what my child’s gaps were, I knew that when she started the programme she would really build up her understanding in those areas.

It is very much bespoke to my child. Olivia’s tuition sessions are catered to what her needs are and her progress is constantly reviewed and assessed. Her tutor knows what her areas of strength are or if the topic needs to be revisited. I think seeing the content again and again, in different ways, really helps to build up that understanding for her.

The Support is Superb

Not only was it easy to implement, but the support available was also excellent! Being able to ring up and speak to someone is just great. If there were any technical problems they were worked out straight away or if there was a problem we were able to reschedule the lesson – it’s brilliant!

One-to-One Makes A Difference

The advice from me, to parents considering Matr, would be to trust it, you know that it really does assess your child’s knowledge and gaps. Matr has put the programme together to specifically target those areas.

The lessons are very worthwhile, I would highly recommend them no matter what year the child is in. Even though it is advertised as KS2, the content can be very challenging and if children, like Olivia, haven’t got those basic concepts then they are going to struggle in the years to come. The end of year maths report that I got from Olivia’s school says that she has really progressed well, so that was lovely to hear, she couldn’t have done this without Matr!

“It’s a very worthwhile programme which I highly recommend, no matter what year the child is in.”
Parent of Olivia, Year 8

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