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Frequently Asked Questions

Your First Session

Before the first session (ideally a couple of days before), log in to the platform at Here your child can complete the initial assessment test. It’s really helpful if your child completes this as it will help establish their maths level, it will give us a baseline for reporting and the tutor will be able to tailor their tutoring time and the pace accordingly.

For standard maths sessions
The maths level test takes around 20 minutes to complete and provides an indication of the recommended level for your child. If your child is unable to complete this before the first session, you can select their tutorial difficulty directly. Selecting the level is a required step to access the sessions. The earlier this is selected, the longer the tutor has to prepare for the session.

For the SATs Programme
The SATs Assessment takes around 50 minutes to complete. It is written in the style of the SATs itself. This will give us a really accurate read of their current SATs ability, allowing us to closely monitor progress and inform their tutor up until May. You will find the assessment when you log in and select your child’s name from the top right-hand menu. Your child will be able to exit the assessment and come back to it later if needed, if they don’t have a full 50 minutes available.

Our online classroom, that your children and their tutors will be using in the sessions, is simple to master but we recommend that you allow your children to practice for at least 10 minutes before their first session. This will allow them to get really confident with the different tools (like dragging and dropping numbers, changing colours, etc.) ahead of time, to maximise their maths learning from session one.

You will be able to find this in the main screen when you sign in to your account and select your childs name. You can also get them to test your headphones to ensure they’re ready for the session.

The tutor will briefly cover the online classroom tools in the first session to ensure your child is comfortable using them.

You will need to login before each session your child has. If you have more than one child subscribed, you can select the correct name in the top right hand corner after you’ve logged in. For the first 10 minutes of the session your child will complete an audio check, and a warm up activity. Then the tutor will join and the 1-2-1 tutoring time will take place, lasting for 25 or 50 minutes depending on your subscription. At the end of the 1-2-1 tutoring time, another 5-10 minutes will be needed to complete a quick cool down maths exercise and for your child to answer some questions on how it went with their tutor. This is why, even though you have booked 25 or 50 minutes of 1-2-1 time, the sessions as a whole will last around 40 or 65 minutes.

The tutor will run each session directly with your child, without needing your intervention. However, we recommend you are close by at the beginning of the first session. Your child may be nervous for their first session and look to you for reassurance. Encouraging your child to speak directly to the tutor rather than you if they are unsure of anything will be very helpful. The tutor will talk them through everything really clearly, so we’re confident it won’t take long for them to be interacting with the session and tutor 🙂

We recommend that your child completes an assessment/test before their sessions begin, so the tutor knows their level and abilities. The test for the standard maths sessions will take around 15-20 minutes and the one for SATs takes around 50 minutes. We recommend that your child does this a couple of days before their first session. The tests can be paused and returned to if needed.

We use an online classroom that we have tailor built using thousands of hours of online 1-2-1 tutoring to facilitate a great learning experience between tutor and student. Both the child and tutor log in to it, and can see the same screen. They can hear each other, but not see each other, so you child can entirely focus on their maths. They will be able to see changes to the screen the other makes in real time. The online classroom offers a combination of tools to draw, write, mark and point. It is easy to use and only requires a bit of practice. Your child will be able to practice with it from the portal from the moment you sign up. The tutor will ensure that your child knows how to use it in the first few minutes of their first tutorial, and will continue to help them until they are totally confident (it won’t take long!).

You will need a laptop or desktop computer with Google Chrome downloaded (the most up-to-date version), a headset and a good internet connection. Unfortunately you cannot use a tablet or mobile phone. There will be an audio check at the beginning of each session, if you have any problems please refer to the technical issues section below for some helpful tips on what to check. The online platform cannot be accessed from iPads and other tablets.

The Tutor

We personally interview and assess every tutor, perform criminal background checks and monitor and record sessions to ensure your child is in the safest of hands.

All our tutors have passed intensive training with Matr (under 1% of applicants make it through to become teachers with us!) and they cover all the national curriculum topics. We speak to each of them individually during the recruitment and training process and only those who achieve top marks are selected to teach at Matr.

Our tutors frequent profile normally includes holding a top-tier University degree, being a maths specialist and having experience in tutoring. We also provide lots of training that has been designed by British educational experts who have all previous taught in the UK. Our tutors are all trained in line with the UK national curriculum so that they use the same methods as your child’s teachers.

Yes, the beggining of your child’s first tutorial would be a good time to have a quick chat.

No, the tutor can only hear you and see the work your child does on the screen, and you can only hear the tutor and see what they do on the screen. No video is used!

Preparing For The Session

We ask that children are prompt to their sessions so that they can make the most of their time with their tutor, however we know that sometimes they might have to be a little late. If you’re late, the tutor will wait the length of the tutoring time until you arrive, so there is no need to worry or inform us if you are running late. The tutor won’t be able to recover lost the time at the end due to other tutoring commitments.

A pen and paper will be useful for the warm up and cool down activities, but won’t be needed for the tutoring time itself. All workings will be done in the online classroom during the tutoring time.

We recommend you are in a quiet room, free of other distractions such as TV or loud noises. We find it works well if you create a routine around the session and have your child prepare for the session at the same time and place each week.

You need to log in first, and then your child will be able to access their session.

Let us know by emailing us at If you are able to give us more than 24 hours notice, we will rearrange or refund the session. We know sometimes unavoidable things come up, but unfortunately if not notified 24 hours in advance we can’t replace/refund the session as the tutor won’t be able to teach another child.

We ask that children attend the full time of their session so that they can get the most from their time with their tutor, however we know that sometimes they might have to leave a little early. There is no need to get in touch with us about this, if you could just let the tutor know at the beginning of the tutoring time (so they don’t worry about the child leaving early) then this is not a problem. Unfortunately tutors are not able to start tutorials early or extend future sessions beyond their end time. We can also not refund time lost in this way. You may wish to cancel or rearrange a session that your child cannot fully attend instead, email us at if so.

During The Session

No, you don’t need to sit with your child during their sessions. You do need to log in at the beginning, and it’s helpful to ensure the audio etc is working correctly at the very beginning, but the tutor will then manage the session directly with you child.

Our tutors will always endeavour to be prompt, but like anyone else on rare occasion may get held up and be a little late. In the rare instances that this does occur, we ask that children wait for 5 minutes for their tutor, if they do not log in after that time please feel free to exit the session, be assured the session will be refunded or replaced (whichever you prefer) and we will be in touch.

It is better not to interupt an session where ever possible, but the beginning or end is a good time to have a quick chat with a tutor if needed.

However, if your comments are around reporting, rescheduling sessions or any kind of feedback, please get in touch with us at and we will help you with your queries.

After The Session

Session reports become available after every session. You can find them under ‘lessons already taught’.

To help you read this report, here’s an explanation of what you will see:
– Lessons covered – lessons are concepts from the national curriculum (i.e. Place value up to 1 000).
– Under each Lesson you will see the Learning Objectives covered, grouped by your child’s level of understanding. Learning Objectives are the building blocks that contain the skills and knowledge that need to be acquired to complete the Lesson.

Learning Objective groups explained:
– ‘Knowledge reinforced’ – the child already has some knowledge of the concept and are able to independently demonstrate it.
– ‘New content learnt’ – the child could not do this initially and now they can.
– ‘Identified gap’ – after some teaching and support from the tutor, the child may understand some of the concept but they are not yet able to independently demonstrate this.

What to expect to see:
Depending on the lesson, session length and your child’s skills, it may be possible to cover more than one lesson or learning objective per session or it can take a few sessions to cover a full lesson or learning objective. Every child and lesson is different. You may see lesson objectives covered more than once. Even if a student has learnt a learning objective, the tutor may spend time reinforcing their knowledge so that they become confident mathematicians!

As with any new activities, it could take a bit of time for the child to get used to the new environment and setting of the sessions. Bear in mind they are dealing with a new person and learning new skills. It can all be a bit overwhelming. However, in our experience, this is temporary and they learn to love the sessions and develop the knowledge and confidence in no time at all.

Matr Account Questions

You can email us at – if you contact us outside of office hours (08:30 – 17:30 Monday to Friday), we’ll get back you asap the next working day.

Yes, just contact us, this may mean we need to change your tutor or time of session, but we will try to arrange the most convenient sessions for you.

Yes. There’s two ways to cancel:

  1. You can use the “Cancel my subscription” button from the online platform. Any sessions in your subscription already paid for but not used, will remain booked for you to use. Future payments will be cancelled.
  2. Just email us at and we will process your cancellation.

In both cases, please bear in mind that cancelling your subscription will mean you won’t have access to the platform if you don’t have any pending sessions, including reports.

Yes. Just log in to the online platform and you will find this section in the menu in the top right corner.

Technical Troubleshooting

Ensure you are using a laptop or desktop computer and Google Chrome, this is the only browser the online classroom works on. You can download Google Chrome from . You can also check to see that you are using the most up-to-date version of Google Chrome by clicking on the three vertical dots in the top right-hand corner, clicking on ‘Help’ and then ‘About Google Chrome‘.

If you have any audio problems when you enter the online classroom, there should be a number of messages on screen helping you to address the issue. They will help ensure that you are using Google Chrome and have enabled your microphone.

If you are still having issues, please look at the next question and answer.

There is a instant chat box in the classroom between you and the tutor, if you are have audio issues, you can speak to them via that to let them know and they will try to help you. The tutor will try to help with tech issues for a couple of minutes, but if you’re unable to solve it, end the session and we’ll be in touch soon.

Windows –

1) Check that the correct microphone is selected.
Click on the drop-down menu on the online classroom next to the ‘Connected’ button. Choose a different device.

2) Ensure your USB headset is the ‘Default device’
Right click on the volume button (the speaker icon) in the bottom right of your screen and click on ‘Recording devices.’ Look for the headset you are using.
Right click on the headset you are using and select ‘Set as default device.’ If any other devices are active, right click on these and click ‘Disable.’
If you want to reactivate any disabled devices afterwards, right click within this box and click ‘show disabled devices.’

3) Check your microphone levels
Right click on the volume button and click on ‘Recording devices,’ then select the headset you are using, click on ‘properties’ and select the ‘Levels’ tab from the new window.
Check that the microphone levels are set to the maximum. If there is a red cross over the speaker icon, this means your microphone is muted. Click on the cross to unmute it.
If your child tends to speak quietly, you can also use the ‘Microphone boost’ option to increase the volume.
If your headset has an inline remote, please ensure your headset is at full volume and not muted.

Mac OS X –

1) Check that the correct microphone is selected.
Click on the dropdown menu on the online classroom next to the ‘Connected’ button. Choose a different device.

2) Ensure your USB headset is the ‘Default device’
Open System Preferences
Click the Sound icon
Click the Input tab and then click your headset
Click the Output tab and then click your headset

3) Check your microphone levels
Open System Preferences
Click the Sound icon
Click the Input tab and then click your headset
Check that the Input volume is turned up and that your microphone is not muted.

Windows –

1) Check your computer volume is turned up
Right click the volume button in the bottom right of your screen. Then select ‘Open Volume Mixer’. Ensure all levels are turned up to maximum volume.

2) Check that the correct headphones are selected in your computer settings
Right click the volume button in the bottom right of your screen and click on ‘Sounds’ and then ‘Playback.’ Right click on the headset that you are using and click ‘Test’ – some music should play through the headset.

If you can’t see the headset option that you are using there, try plugging the headset into a different port on the computer. If no sound comes out when you click ‘Test’; then the headset may be faulty and you should try a different pair.

Mac OS X –

1) Check your computer volume is turned up

2) Ensure that the Output volume is turned up using the volume icon on the keyboard.

If the above does not work:
Open System Preferences
Click the Sound icon
Click the Output tab and then ensure the Output volume is turned up

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