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Frequently Asked Questions

Each week your child will use a computer or laptop and log onto the Matr platform. They will be connected to their personal tutor via an interactive classroom.

We have found that children are more engaged when they are able to focus entirely on the maths. This is why your child will only be able to hear the tutor and not see them. Throughout, lessons remain interactive with a focus on children explaining their reasoning.

We understand that building a relationship with a tutor can really impact on a child’s development. This is why we strive to secure the same tutor for every session.

Yes! When you book before November 1st, you can get up to two sessions for free. You can cancel your monthly subscription at any time. Find out more about our offer here or start your 2-week free trial here.

We are a team of teachers and technologists who believe that maths really matters. We may offer other subjects in the future, however, we’re only focusing on maths for KS2 at present.

We currently offer programmes for KS2 (ages 7-11), however we have plans to expand our offer in the future.

Yes. Subject to availability, users will be able to get a replacement session if 72 hours notice is given.

We are looking into offering sibling discounts in the future, although this may not be available at launch. If you have multiple children in KS2 please contact us on learn@matr.org and we’ll look into it.

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