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Secondary Maths Prep Programme | Age 10-12

Starting secondary school on the right foot

Maths at secondary school is a big change. The lessons are structured differently and there’s greater emphasis on homework and self-learning. This specialist programme supports the transition to secondary maths, equipping children with the confidence to make a positive start.

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7, 14 or 21 week programmes from £9/week Cancel anytime, money back guarantee

  • National Curriculum maths
  • Weekly 1-to-1 online lesson with a dedicated maths tutor at a time and duration of your choice
  • Quizzes, assessments and worksheets
  • Session reports – watch your child’s grades and confidence soar
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Secondary Maths Prep Programme
Ages 10-12

Starting secondary school on the right foot

Maths at secondary school is a big change. The lessons are structured differently and there’s greater emphasis on homework and self-learning.

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Fantastic… her confidence is growing every week

Get to grips with Secondary Maths this Summer

Secondary Maths Prep | Ages 10-12

Making sure your child is confident in their maths and ready to take on the changes to how they learn is one of the best steps you can take to set them on the right track.

On our ‘Getting Ready for Secondary Maths’ programme encourages children to explore familiar concepts in greater depth. Not only do the numbers get bigger, but there’s more focus on algebra, statistics and complex data handling, all topics they’ll have encountered in primary school but not explored in such depth. Your child will be encouraged in their 1-to-1 lessons with an expert to ask any questions and check anything they’re still unsure of from the maths curriculum.

Your child will also develop real confidence in their ability to problem solve and find a way through any difficult reasoning questions.

  • Summary
  • Programme duration: 7, 14 or 21 weeks

  • Money back guarantee: Let us know within 2 weeks of starting and get a full refund

  • Session length: 35 minute weekly sessions with a highly trained maths tutor

  • Practice resources: worksheets and online quizzes

  • Difficulty level: tailored to your child's ability See FAQs

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Programme topics

The secondary maths programme varies on your child’s ability and development goals. Each topic is taught through a mixture of teaching and practice activities to develop children’s fluency, reasoning and confidence.

1 Ordering and comparing numbers up to 10 million
2 Rounding to 50 or 20 and rounding very large numbers
3 Adding and subtracting positive and negative numbers
4 Writing remainders
5 Common multiples, common factors and prime numbers
6 Using brackets to get a particular answer
7 Simplest form
8 Harder fraction problems
9 More ratio problems
10 Perimeter and areas
11 Miles and kilometres
12 Alternate angles
13 Introduction to circles
14 Missing vertices of shapes on a grid
15 Interpreting pie charts
16 Simplifying by collecting like terms

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What’s included in these programmes

What’s included

Learn with an expert

One-to-one weekly online lessons with a maths tutor

National Curriculum aligned

Based on Key Stage 2 topics & best practice

Self learning

Practice with quizzes, assessments and worksheet

Monitor progress

Stay up to date with your parent portal

You’ll need a desktop or laptop computer, an internet connection and the free Google Chrome browser to learn on our Maths Programmes.

How it works

Practical information

  • When do lessons take place?
    When you book, choose a convenient weekly time slot for your child’s lessons. The lesson takes place online at the same time each week. Just log your child into Matr at the appointed time. You can change day and time of the lesson as required

  • How does the lesson work?
    Your tutor will join the lesson at the same time as your child. They share the computer screen and communicate voice-to-voice only. (They do not see each other’s faces.)

  • What do I need?
    You need a laptop or desktop computer, an internet connection, and the free Google Chrome browser. Some children like wearing a headset, others prefer to leave the computer’s speakers on and talk to the screen.
  • What if I need to change session times?
    No worries. You may have holidays or simply can’t make your lesson. Just contact us and we can rearrange your lesson.

Need more info? Read our detailed FAQs

Making every child a brilliant learner

Tailored to all abilities

Everyone learns at a different pace. How could we help your child?

Catch up

Maths doesn’t come easy, but
1-to-1 guidance will help them understand maths and catch up

1-to-1 guidance will help them understand maths and catch up


On target with maths but with support will grasp concepts faster, build confidence and progress

With support they’ll grasp concepts faster, build confidence and progress


Loves maths, thrives on a challenge and wants pushing harder

Pick a package, pay-as-you-go

All of our maths programmes are available in three options. You pay weekly for a fixed time period. You may cancel anytime. See how we can help your child risk-free: we offer a money back guarantee should you cancel within the first two weeks 


Improve maths confidence, fast.


Build deeper maths foundations.


Secure long-term maths success.

Pricing & duration

7 weeks

£11 per week


Cancel anytime

14 weeks

£10 per week


Cancel anytime

21 weeks

£9 per week


Cancel anytime

Online lessons with own expert tutor
Lessons included
Lesson duration
35 min
35 min
35 min
National Curriculum based
Personalised to age
Personalised to ability
Online classroom
Change lessons time and dates if needed
Assessments, quizzes & worksheets

Simple Pricing, Powerful Results

Great for children, practical for parents

For children

For parents

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