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All Primary Maths Tutors From Matr Are Expert In The KS2 Curriculum

As a parent, you want to be able to give your child all the support they need with their primary school maths, but it isn’t always as easy as it sounds. Busy schedules, school runs and the the multitude of other tasks quickly fill up your day.

It can be difficult to find time to sit down with your child and work on their primary maths homework. And sometimes your child needs a bit of extra help, to build their confidence, help them catch up in class, or even stop them getting bored.

So like many parents you might be considering a tutor. But when you look for primary school maths tutors, very few of the options available seem to actually understand how to teach children aged 6 to 11. Most maths tutors are much more used to teaching Maths GCSE than the Key Stage 2 maths curriculum.

That’s where Matr’s different. We are primary school maths experts! We live and breathe primary school maths, and have many years experience teaching it to over 50,000 primary school aged children from Year 2 to Year 6.

Primary School Maths Tutor

How A Primary School Maths Tutor Can Help Your Child

We can all remember how daunting Maths lessons used to be, nerves kicking in when we didn’t understand a certain maths topic. Well, this hasn’t changed and, in a class of up to 30 pupils it can be hard if there’s a KS2 maths concept your child hasn’t grasped yet. With a primary maths tutor, your child is free to learn and relearn any topic that they’ve struggled with, or that they just need to push forward on.

What's Included In Matr's Primary School Maths Tuition Programme

  • Tried and tested programme of KS2 maths lessons that your primary maths tutor will use to teach your child.
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  • Online classroom makes it fun and easy for child and primary school tutor to communicate and work through the lesson.
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  • Maximum convenience for families with your choice of timeslots and days of the week, and all primary school tuition is done from the comfort of your home.
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  • Expertise in teaching children maths - your primary school maths tutor will have passed a rigorous recruitment and training before starting to teach your child.
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  • Maths worksheets linked to the topic studied from the KS2 national curriculum are included to support regular practice.

How The Online Primary Maths Programme Works

  • Create a free account with Matr and book in your first free taster lesson with your primary school tutor
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  • Try out the tools in our online classroom before your meet your primary school maths tutor.
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  • Make sure your child is ready on a laptop or PC for their first free maths lesson.
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  • Leave the rest to us - we'll ensure it's a success and your child will be keen to continue their maths learning.
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  • Enjoy that feeling of knowing that your child's extra maths tuition is now taken care of!
Primary School Maths Tutor Primary School Maths Tutor

A Primary School Maths Tutor Will Get Results

We believe that a primary maths tutor is the single best way for your child to achieve their potential and make great progress at primary school. When it’s personal, fun and engaging, and when your child has the opportunity to ask questions and get feedback on what they’re learning in real time, they will respond by working harder and reaching standards you’d only imagined. 

If you’re looking for results, both academically and in terms of your child’s attitude to maths during their primary school years then get started with Matr and book your first free lesson today


Boy having a lesson with his primary school maths tutor


Matr is an online maths learning programme. It is designed to help children aged 6-11 years old of all abilities.

You can choose to subscribe to any one of our core maths programmes depending on the year group and needs of your child, or one of our special programmes throughout certain times of the year, for example our SATs Maths Prep or Secondary School Prep programmes.

With every Matr Maths Programme subscription you will get access to:
– Weekly online one-to-one tuition, tailored to your child’s needs
– Our National Curriculum based programme
– Worksheets, quizzes and assessments
– Customer and in-session support
– Parent portal and session reports

You can tailor each programme by selecting your child’s year group, difficulty level, and length of package.

You can read more about our different programmes here.

Yes! We offer a no-obligation, cardless Free Trial. All you need to do is create a Matr Account to get started. You can speak to one of our trained tutors, give your child a free taster maths lesson, and access a selection of our worksheets and e-Books.

Yes, we’re based online so you get the most affordable service and your child gets to learn in an environment they are familiar with and enjoy. Our online classroom tools give their computing skills a boost, too! The weekly worksheets are available as a download and may be completed on or offline.