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SATs results not what you’d expected in maths?

There’s an awful lot of fuss made about SATs results in UK primary schools but from parents’ perspectives, reaching the expected outcome or achieving greater depth is really only important in showing you what your child knows, and how ready they are for the next stage in their school maths career.

The SATs exams take place in a single week in May and for whatever reason, some children just don’t do as well as they’d hoped. Sometimes it’s simply a case of nerves; sometimes it’s because they’ve still got gaps in their Maths understanding – which the test is designed to root out. Sometimes one or two questions on the paper throw them completely off their stride and a child who should be achieving the higher standard loses their confidence altogether.

At Matr we understand this which is why we’ve created a summer programme of lessons specifically for children who need a boost in maths after their SATs.

SATs Results

How to support a child with disappointing SATs results

The most important outcome for your child is that they don’t feel they’ve let you down or that they’ve failed in any way. For most children, disappointing SATs results hardly register; it’s not that they don’t care, they just realise that they’re not THAT important. For some children however a setback like this can really knock their confidence.

However your child receives the news, you’ll still be left wondering if there’s anything you can do to support them better in Maths. That’s what Matr has been designed for! We are the biggest primary school tuition business in the UK teaching thousands of children maths every week on our online maths programme of personalised lessons and worksheets.

The research says that personalised tuition will make the biggest impact on a child’s maths learning, but it can be expensive. Not with Matr! We teach over 8,000 pupils maths each week and are able to introduce economies of scale, and professional development for our tutors that makes us both the most affordable and the most effective primary school tuition available.

How parents use Matr after SATs

  • Secure your child's maths knowledge before they move up in September. Whether they're moving to Year 3 or Year 7 the maths they are about to encounter will be harder. Make sure they're ready for it
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  • Double up on your child's confidence. Whatever their results your child deserves the chance to enjoy maths again in a low stress environment.
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  • Each child receives lessons with a personal tutor. Once a week or more one of our professional tutors will give your child a lesson focused specifically on their gaps.
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  • Everything's online so lessons fit round you. You just tell us what time and day you want a lesson, and how often and we'll do the rest.
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  • Worksheets included for extra practice. Keep up the maths even between your tutor sessions with Matr's online maths programme.

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  • Tell us when you want to start your online maths lessons - the first one's on us!
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  • Show your child the online classroom where they'll meet their tutor.
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  • Ask any questions before or after this first lesson.
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  • We guarantee you a regular slot every week but we know schedules change so we can always be flexible.
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  • Be confident that your child will start back at school in September stronger than ever in Maths and with any poor SATs results a distant memory.
SATs Results SATs Results

Maths tuition made easy – put those SATs results behind you

We’ll make sure that come September your child is full of renewed confidence in maths, and ready to start the new school year at their best. In fact we’ll even go so far as to say they’ll be loving it.

So no matter what they face as they head into the more challenging lessons in Year 7 or Year 3, maths is one thing you and they won’t have to worry about.

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Matr is an online maths learning programme. It is designed to help children aged 6-11 years old of all abilities.

You can choose to subscribe to any one of our core maths programmes depending on the year group and needs of your child, or one of our special programmes throughout certain times of the year, for example our SATs Maths Prep or Secondary School Prep programmes.

With every Matr Maths Programme subscription you will get access to:
– Weekly online one-to-one tuition, tailored to your child’s needs
– Our National Curriculum based programme
– Worksheets, quizzes and assessments
– Customer and in-session support
– Parent portal and session reports

You can tailor each programme by selecting your child’s year group, difficulty level, and length of package.

You can read more about our different programmes here.

Yes! We offer a no-obligation, cardless Free Trial. All you need to do is create a Matr Account to get started. You can speak to one of our trained tutors, give your child a free taster maths lesson, and access a selection of our worksheets and e-Books.

Yes, we’re based online so you get the most affordable service and your child gets to learn in an environment they are familiar with and enjoy. Our online classroom tools give their computing skills a boost, too! The weekly worksheets are available as a download and may be completed on or offline.