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What you should know about the summer slide

Whether they’re in Year 2 or Year 6 or anywhere in between, over the course of their school year your child will have learned a good deal of new maths – even if it may not always seem like it!

However progress in maths isn’t linear – children learn things, forget things, relearn and then retain the information long-term. We know this from research and from our own experience teaching 8,000 primary school aged pupils maths ourselves each year.

Children all make this progress through the maths curriculum at different times but the one thing they all have in common, wherever their starting point, is that over the summer learning is lost.

This is the summer slide or summer brain drain you may hear about.

Data varies but it’s estimated that children lose between 2 and 3 months worth of maths knowledge during the summer slide.

Lots of the maths facts they will have learnt are still likely to only be in their short term memory, and if not practised and brought to mind again regularly they will simply disappear.

It’s not all bad news however. If children keep up a regular bit of practice in maths they can avoid this summer learning loss and hit the ground running September.

Summer Slide in Maths

How can Matr’s online maths programmes help?

  • Every child receives a weekly lesson with their own personal maths tutor. This lesson will be targeted at revising and retaining what your child has learnt during the year, or, if they need it, stretching your child to go further and deeper in maths.
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  • Matr’s maths tuition takes place online. We understand that the summer holidays isn’t all about maths. But whatever your plans, we fit around them. Your child can attend their maths tuition session once a week (or more if required) wherever they have a laptop and an internet connection.
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  • You don’t have to tell us what to teach. We know how tricky it can be to understand what stage in maths your child is at, let alone how to help them. We take care of this with an early assessment for your child that helps us to pitch the lesson for them just right, working on whatever their gaps might be.
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  • Matr’s online maths tuition is fun. In fact it may just be the most fun way to keep the summer slide at bay. A child learning one to one with a tutor is free to make mistakes, ask questions, and really explore their understanding of maths in a way they can’t in a class of 20 or 30. This not only speeds up their progress but builds their confidence too.
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  • You only need to set aside 55 minutes a week. Because of the intensity and focus of a one to one maths lessons, they are extremely time efficient. For 55 minutes your child is answering maths questions, explaining their reasoning, and working through problems with an expert maths tutor. It’s not surprising if at the end of their lesson your child is a little tired!

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  • Choose your preferred time slot - lessons are available every day of the week.
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  • Support your child to sit a quick test to establish what level maths we should teach them.
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  • Let your child explore the online classroom and drawing tools - always popular!
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  • Reassure your child and calm any last minute nerves before their first lesson.
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  • Sit back and relax while your child’s summer maths learning is taken care of.
Summer Slide in Maths Summer Slide in Maths Summer Slide in Maths

Why parents across the UK choose Matr to stop the summer slide in July and August

  • Our tutors follow a fully tested curriculum programme of maths lessons.
  • Children not only learn and revise maths at the pace that works for them but they grow in confidence too.
  • We believe that everybody can and should leave primary school with excellent maths and by keeping our prices affordable we aim to exclude nobody
  • Maths homework worksheets are also available to keep practising in between lessons – all part of your Matr package

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Matr is an online maths learning programme. It is designed to help children aged 6-11 years old of all abilities.

You can choose to subscribe to any one of our core maths programmes depending on the year group and needs of your child, or one of our special programmes throughout certain times of the year, for example our SATs Maths Prep or Secondary School Prep programmes.

With every Matr Maths Programme subscription you will get access to:
– Weekly online one-to-one tuition, tailored to your child’s needs
– Our National Curriculum based programme
– Worksheets, quizzes and assessments
– Customer and in-session support
– Parent portal and session reports

You can tailor each programme by selecting your child’s year group, difficulty level, and length of package.

You can read more about our different programmes here.

Yes! We offer a no-obligation, cardless Free Trial. All you need to do is create a Matr Account to get started. You can speak to one of our trained tutors, give your child a free taster maths lesson, and access a selection of our worksheets and e-Books.

Yes, we’re based online so you get the most affordable service and your child gets to learn in an environment they are familiar with and enjoy. Our online classroom tools give their computing skills a boost, too! The weekly worksheets are available as a download and may be completed on or offline.

Yes! As Matr is online you can log in from anywhere in the world.

Note for overseas customers: available tuition times are 9am to 9pm GMT (London).

Our Year 2 – Year 6 packages are personalised maths programmes for every type of learner. If your child is currently struggling with maths, we will tailor the content of the lessons to ensure they catch up and spend time on the areas that need the most focus. Similarly, if your child is exceeding expectations for their year group we will work with them on topics future year groups cover to keep them ahead of the class.

You can select your child’s ability and the difficulty of the sessions at account creation (after completing your subscription). Our maths level test, available at account creation, will help you to understand your child’s current maths level.

Our Year 7 programme is specially designed to cover the key topics that need to be secured from KS2 and introduce new KS3 topics that will be essential for success at secondary.

You will need a laptop or desktop computer, a good internet connection, and the most recent Google Chrome web browser downloaded. For the best experience, we recommend using a USB headset during the weekly tuition sessions. Your child may want to use a pen and paper for workings, especially during the warm-up and cool down activities. The only thing left to do is create an account, try us out, and then choose your subscription option! You can read more about our different programmes here.

Please note that currently you cannot use Matr’s Maths Programme on a tablet or smartphone.

You can download Google Chrome safely for free here.