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Let’s get ready for SATs!

Specialist online one-to-one maths support designed to help your Year 6 child build confidence and familiarity with SATs-style questions.

Trusted by thousands of primary schools and parents across the UK, we’ve helped prepare over 45,000 children for SATs since 2012.

From only £9.25 per week… with a money back guarantee!

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Getting the most out of our SATs lessons

The more opportunity Year 6 children have to practice applying their knowledge to SATs-style questions the better. For this reason we recommend choosing 50-minute rather than 25-minute weekly lessons at payment.

What are KS2 SATs?

The KS2 SATs are designed to help parents and teachers gauge the progress that a child has made throughout KS2, and most secondary schools look at Year 6 SATs results as part of the decision process when grouping students into sets or streams.

How can we help?

Our online SATs revision lessons give your child the chance to prepare for SATs in a fun, engaging and supporting environment and, with hundreds of schools across the country choosing it for their own KS2 pupils, you know you’re in good company.

How does it work?

Each lesson is designed to help children secure key maths concepts and then apply that knowledge to SATs-style questions. Tutors encourage children to explain their reasoning and explore different strategies, leaving them better prepared for SATs week.

Matr’s online tuition platform

Whether your child needs a confidence boost in maths or to be challenged further, our personalised, one-to-one learning platform will help.

Every week your child will receive one-to-one tuition from the same specialist maths tutor in our secure and fun online classroom.

Each child sits an initial maths test, allowing us to understand their learning needs. Every lesson, topic and question is carefully selected to support your child’s gaps or development opportunities in maths.

We create a learning journey for your child, with lessons selected for each week, ensuring an easy and personalised experience. We closely follow the national curriculum so whatever your child is learning in school is expanded on and cemented in our online maths lessons.

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Not looking for SATs support?

Don’t need specialist SATs support? Don’t worry, we’ve got all bases covered!

Our standard lessons will still help your child develop confidence and a love of maths, but without any particular focus on Year 6 SATs. We have lessons available for ages 7-11 and we’re so confident you and your child will love their Matr sessions that, if they’re not quite right for you, you’ll receive your money back.

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Don’t just take our word for it

We’ve been supporting thousands of schools in the UK since 2012 and we’re now helping families in their homes.

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Our packages

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50 minutes online weekly
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What's included?

  • Weekly one-to-one
  • Personalised learning
  • KS2 lesson plans
  • Specially designed SATs revision lessons
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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s different about the SATs lessons?2019-02-12T15:37:00+00:00

All our online lessons support children aged 7-11 to boost progress and confidence in a range of different maths topics. Our SATs lessons work in the same way but have been designed specifically with KS2 SATs in mind. They give Year 6 pupils the opportunity to develop their understanding of key SATs content and build familiarity and confidence with the kinds of questions they will encounter in the Arithmetic and Reasoning SATs papers.

Each SATs lesson begins with an arithmetic warm-up where tutors ensure children have really got to grips with the topic at hand. Children then spend time practising applying that knowledge to SATs-style reasoning questions before finishing the lesson revisiting areas they’re still unsure of or attempting more difficult questions if they’re ready for a challenge.

You can choose a Year 6 SATs lesson subscription type at no additional cost.

How can my child access their one-to-one maths lessons?2019-02-12T15:16:38+00:00

Each week your child will go onto a computer or laptop and use Google Chrome (the online classroom requires this browser) to log onto the Matr platform. They will be connected to their personal tutor via an interactive classroom. We are working on becoming iPad, tablet and mobile compatible as soon as possible, but at present however, our tuition can only be accessed with desktops, laptops and Chromebooks.

Can I re-schedule my session?2019-02-12T15:17:29+00:00

Yes. Subject to availability, users will be able to get a replacement session if 72 hours notice is given – for the new date required. Alternatively you can cancel one-off sessions and if you let us know 24h+ in advance, it won’t count towards your allowance.

Get ready for SATs 2019 with Matr!

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