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Terms & Conditions

When you pre-register for one of our learning programmes you get the following benefits:

  • By telling us your preferred time slots we will give you preferred access to those time lots on launch as explained below.
  • Prior to launch, you will have access to our premium maths resources, free of charge.
  • By pre-registering before launch you will have access to special discounts and promotions

About Pre-registration

Pre-registration does not commit you to signing up for any learning programmes when they launch, and neither does it cost anything.

We will notify you prior to launch of a learning programme for which you have pre-registered, at which point you will need to book the particular programme you want and you will only be committed once you have booked.

Depending on how quickly you register once we open a given learning programme for registration, and on demand for that learning programme, we will when you register give you preferential access (against any applicants who did not pre-register) to the time slots for which you have pre-registered, provided those time slots are still available.

Unfortunately, we will not be able to guarantee access to particular time slots (even if you have pre-registered) but we will do our best to accommodate you.  It is likely that the earlier you register once a learning programme has launched, the more likely it will be that your preferred time slot will be available.

About the Premium Maths Resources

Your access to our premium maths resources will continue until launch of the learning programme for which you have pre-registered and then for a further 30 days.  If you register for the learning programme within the 30-day period, then your access to the premium maths resources will continue but, otherwise, it will come to an end at the end of the 30 day period and you will thereafter only be able to access our standard free maths resources.  Access to our premium maths resources prior to registration for a learning programme may also be withdrawn by us at any time.

Launch date

Pre-registration does not guarantee that a learning programme will be launched within a given time, but we will keep you informed with progress towards launch so that you know what is happening and when a given programme is likely to become available.

Booking a call with us

  • By booking a call with us you agree to be contacted via phone for the purposes of discussing your interest in our online maths tuition.
  • When you book a call with us you will also receive SMS reminders before that call takes place.
  • In case you don’t pick up a booked call for a specific time / date we will try to contact you again at another time.
  • Should you decide to Pre-Register for our online maths tuition during the call the benefits and terms above will apply.

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