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Loved by more than 50,000 children

“My child loves maths”

“I’m really enjoying my sessions and look forward to them each week.”

Nathan, Year 3

“To sum(!) my kids up, our boys who are 6 & 8 both love maths - always asking each other, and us, maths questions. I’m not going to be able to keep up soon!”


"My own child absolutely loves maths! At six years old, he even baffles me! This week he has written me a note telling me he loves me 10000000000000%! He has asked me how much that is & I have no idea!!!"


“My child used to struggle with maths”

"Pace is nice and slow and really helps the child to become more comfortable with maths."

Safina, 4 Stars, Trustpilot

"My daughter now looks forward to maths rather than dreading it."

Rachael, 5 stars, Trustpilot

"My 10 year old looks forward to her lesson every week (which is a first, no nagging, no tears, no tantrums just a happy upbeat attitude)... The rapport she built with her tutor has vastly contributed to her change of attitude towards mathematics."

Mrs K G Kad, 4 Stars, Trustpilot

“My child’s grades have improved”

"It has been only few months but she is already making progress at school"

Mrs K G Kad, 4 Stars, Trustpilot

"As her mum, I am not confident in teaching or challenging her mathematically. They seem to use different methods to how I was taught, and I worry that I would confuse her more than extend her understanding when I try to help her with maths at home. I am confident with English and the Humanities but I am never sure how to support Maths and now matr have this covered for me."

Emma And 3, Blogger

“Pupils receiving 1-to-1 online learning programme made 7 months’ progress in 14 weeks”

Independent review from Rising Stars regarding the online programme in schools

“Matr fits around our busy family life”

“Very good tuition. Teachers are reliable. Timings very convenient.”

Agie, Parent

"The portable nature of this is a real benefit to busy families like ours."

Daddy & Dad, Bloggers

"We were visiting the boys’ Grandparents in rural Warwickshire so I took my laptop along and set it up in their dining room. Despite the comparatively slow broadband speed there (it’s like going back twenty years), the boys’ MATR lessons were able to take place as normal."

Daddy & Dad, Bloggers

Trusted by more than 1,750 UK primary schools

"The positive difference that the Programme made was obvious within the classroom and in our pupil's much improved assessment results."

Louise Masters, Headteacher, Nine Mile Ride Primary School

"It is astonishing to see how well children build relationships with their tutors adapt their teaching to the child's interests."

Val Pavey, Pupil Premium Lead, Woodlands Academy of Learning

"It is an incredible resource which has a very positive impact on the confidence, progress and attainment of our children."

Val Pavey, Pupil Premium Lead, Woodlands Academy of Learning

"Children showed great progress and were confident when given problems to solve. It really worked!"

Lorraine Hazlewood, KS2 Teacher, Wootton Wawen Primary School

The Maths Programme linked to the National Curriculum

Developed with primary school teaching experts, following the National Curriculum so it matches the methods your child is learning in school.

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